November 5-6, 2020

A Live-Streamed Virtual Event

The Law Firm Innovation Summit

Going Beyond Technology: Innovating in Law Firms Through People and Process

Ark Group’s Law Firm Innovation Summit brings together senior level law firm professionals at the only innovation conference in the industry to go beyond technology and focus on the people and process of law firm innovation. With the legal market poised for significant transformation, attendees will hear how to drive innovation directly from firms that have taken risks and pushed the boundaries. Join us for two days of leading-edge case studies, interactive discussions, and ample networking opportunities that will lead to practical strategies to put innovation into practice, new ways to improve efficiency, and takeaways for driving profitability within your organization. Back for its third year, this conference continues to push the envelope on the people and process of innovation, using technology as an enabler. 

Attendees can expect to hear top-notch content from industry experts on topics including:

  • The people, talent, and culture of innovating
  • Technology as an enabler
  • How data is used for innovation
  • Where innovation sits in an organizational structure
  • Client delivery of innovation

Stay tuned for updates on our 2020 event!


The Law Firm Innovation Summit agenda is designed for senior level law firm professionals including:

  • Managing Partners
  • Partners (ACOs)
  • Practice Group leaders
  • COOs, CIOs, CKOs, CSOs, CMOs
  • Thought leaders in the profession tasked with developing or refining a framework for innovation and/or business transformation


  • Understand the responsibilities of innovation roles in a law firm, as well as how they push the envelope in an industry that often seeks to maintain status quo
  • Discover the human and capital resources necessary to foster a culture of innovation, while staying focused on your firm’s priorities
  • Take away strategies for prioritizing innovation projects to pursue and invest in and how to build a business case for these initiatives
  • Hear what client-focused innovations really mean for the law firm and the client
  • Learn how to begin the process of driving innovation at your firm

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