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The Law Firm Innovation Summit

Going Beyond Technology: Innovating in Law Firms Through People and Process

We all experienced profound changes in the early months of 2020, and with a speed that we never thought possible.  Entire law firms moved to a remote, work-from-home model with little to no warning.  The pandemic and lockdown created a Darwinian situation - ‘adapt or fail’.   

Law firms have been forced to adopt new working models reliant on digital resources and team-based online communications, opening the door to a tremendous opportunity for change across all aspects of business and practice.   Efficiency gains, adoption of technology, cost-reduction, training, digitization... opportunities to move forward on change initiatives (that had long been ignored) suddenly presented themselves as valid, if not necessary.  

Law firm leaders today are grappling with “legacy cultures” and systems that may in fact work against innovation and change. How can we establish conditions that support experimentation and learning - essential elements of the innovation process? 

Clients are demanding services that require new skill sets (and mindsets) from lawyers, as the profession strives to bridge the gaps that exist between what clients want and what lawyers and firms can deliver.  

Ark Group’s 3rd annual Legal Innovation Summit – happening virtually this November 5-6, 2020 – will once again embrace the premise that innovation needs to begin with people and process, and not technology.  Many law firms are eager to foster a ‘culture of innovation,’ but innovation involves human and capital resources. How do you make sure that your efforts are focused where they need to be? How do you prioritize which innovation projects to pursue and invest in, and how do you build a business case for your new initiatives, whether they be processes, technology, or other projects?  

This dynamic program will aim to shed light on the structural elements that can help firms to identify, select and/or manage innovation project and improve firm capability.  


The Law Firm Innovation Summit agenda is designed for senior level law firm professionals including:

  • Managing Partners
  • Partners (ACOs)
  • Practice Group leaders
  • COOs, CIOs, CKOs, CSOs, CMOs
  • Thought leaders in the profession tasked with developing or refining a framework for innovation and/or business transformation


  • Understand the responsibilities of innovation roles in a law firm, as well as how they push the envelope in an industry that often seeks to maintain status quo
  • Discover the human and capital resources necessary to foster a culture of innovation, while staying focused on your firm’s priorities
  • Take away strategies for prioritizing innovation projects to pursue and invest in and how to build a business case for these initiatives
  • Hear what client-focused innovations really mean for the law firm and the client
  • Learn how to begin the process of driving innovation at your firm

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