Save the Date for November 2022

Save the Date for the 2022 The Law Firm Innovation Summit

Going Beyond Technology: Innovating in Law Firms Through People and Process

Ark Group’s 5th annual Law Firm Innovation Summit will once again embrace the premise that innovation needs to begin with people and process, and not technology.  Many law firms are eager to foster a ‘culture of innovation,’ but innovation involves human and capital resources. How do you make sure that your efforts are focused where they need to be? How do you prioritize which innovation projects to pursue and invest in, and how do you build a business case for your new initiatives, whether they be processes, technology, or other projects?  This dynamic program aims to shed light on the structural elements that can help firms to identify, select and/or manage innovation project and improve firm capability.  

With the legal market poised for significant transformation, attendees will hear how to drive innovation directly from firms that have taken risks and pushed the boundaries. Join us online for two days of leading-edge case studies, interactive discussions, and ample networking opportunities that will lead to practical strategies to put innovation into practice, new ways to improve efficiency, and takeaways for driving profitability within your organization. 


The Law Firm Innovation Summit agenda is designed for senior level law firm professionals including:

  • Managing Partners
  • Partners (ACOs)
  • Practice Group leaders
  • COOs, CIOs, CKOs, CSOs, CMOs
  • Thought leaders in the profession tasked with developing or refining a framework for innovation and/or business transformation


Join us virtually in November and you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Implement new working processes and models

  • Foster a culture of innovation

  • Unlock next-gen service delivery

  • Address the need for change

  • Examine leading-edge examples of innovation

  • Unravel the change/innovation/risk equation

  • Learn how vanguard firms have reimaged their business models

  • Discover the keys to becoming the go-to firm in your market

  • Dive into the why and how the industry is committing to innovation

  • Benchmark best practices and exchange insights with peers

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